Work Visas



L Visas (Intra Company Transfers)
Executives, managers and employees with a specialized skill can be transferred to the US to work in the US branch.
Such a US office can already exist or be a new office start up.
The L visa is very popular and provides a visa & work permit for you and your spouse.


TN Visas (Canadian & Mexico)
TN visas are available to skilled workers from Canada & Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
They allow temporary work in the US (up to 3 years) and this route is often used to avoid the limited cap numbers place upon the H1-B visa

H1-B Visas (Speciality Occupations)
You will need a specialist skill & be educated to the equivalent of a US bachelors degree.
Requires a US employer to sponsor you.
Limited numbers of these visas are available each year.

H2-B Visas (Seasonal, Non-Agriculture)
Available for peak, seasonal or one time work.
Must be no US workers available and requires a US employer sponsor.

The above are the most common work visas, but there are others that may also be available to you.

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